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Medical Yoga

1 to 1

Teaching yoga one to one (private class) is a completely different experience than teaching a class. To realize the full potential of working 1:1, it is necessary to strengthen a level of awareness that includes both the participant and ourselves as yoga teachers.

"Tell me, I will forget.

Show me, I will remember.

Involve me, and I will understand."

The core of teaching 1:1 is perception. As a "one to one" yoga teacher, it is our responsibility to meet the participant's needs. Through millennia, humans have developed in relation to the environment they grow up in. Each individual student has their unique body map and through getting to know this can we facilitate a yoga practice that supports individual needs. 

The starting point in 1:1 is the individual participant's needs;

"It's not just one approach for everyone. The way yoga is taught today often gives the impression that there is one solution to everyone's problems and one treatment for every disease."

Quote: T.K.V. Desikachar

The therapeutic effects of yoga extend far beyond the mat. In all our modules, modern science meets traditional wisdom to give yoga teachers knowledge of the range of tools available.

The learning environment and structure in 1:1 involves several important components that you will get to know well in this module.

In this module you get an opportunity to meet other yoga teachers with different yoga practices.  On day 2 we will practice 1:1.

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The certification program is suitable for those who have taken the min. 2 modules with us and who want to learn how to work 1:1 in your practice.

For you as a yoga teacher, this certification program can contribute to how you can facilitate individual follow-up.

Contents of this module:

  • Ethics and values

  • The body's natural relaxation responses

  • Knowledge and techniques for self-care with yoga teachers, both before, during and after 1:1

  • Mapping tool

  • Teaching skills

  • Relational skills

  • Pedagogy

  • Trauma understanding

  • Techniques for "first aid" in everyday life

  • To develop skills to support the emotional responses of the participant

  • You get access to a group forum to exchange ideas and experiences with other yoga teachers

Practical info

Course instructors are Anette Haugnæss and Marianne Feydt.
You can read about their background under the tab "about us".


The certification course runs over two days

You get a manual with theory and yoga programs.

Price: NOK 4990




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