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Medical Yoga Young & Mental Health module 2

Either you perform at your best or there is no place for you. When we were growing up there was a space in between the two choices; "In the middle" - and that's where most of us were and there was nothing wrong with that. These two choices of either or - can trigger both shame and hopelessness - feelings that are really hard to feel, and it can be difficult to find meaning in life. For those who find themselves in a persistent state of this, it can lead to mental disorders. Because when it all feels overwhelming in the end, the solution for some can be isolation and/or that one numbers oneself with drugs, food or self-harm.

The number of young people receiving disability benefits has more than doubled in 10 years. Every third young person receives a mental health diagnosis. Head of Mental Health (Bodø), Barbara Stenvall herself received two mental health diagnoses and received disability benefits when she was very young. She warns against sickening the youth.

We at Medisinsk Yoga Norge want to focus on the underlying challenges instead of a one-pointed focus on just the diagnosis. Because with a focus only on the diagnosis, we are concerned that this in itself can become identity-creating, limiting and can lead to a feeling of outsiderness. Therefore, our mantra to those who have received a diagnosis is; "You have a diagnosis - but you are not your diagnosis." We think that it mobilizes resources in each individual and gives hope.

This module therefore has a resource-oriented view towards diagnoses and how Medical Yoga can function as regulatory support and also contribute to strengthening relationships.​

Anette Haugnæss has for many years worked with young people and adults with various life challenges and diagnoses/disorders. All this time she missed giving them concrete techniques to be able to support themselves when uneasiness arose. It's all about the experience of standing firm in yourself, even if it's "storming".


Medical Yoga can contribute to:

  • enhanced attention

  • increased impulse control

  • increase of good hormones

  • strengthening the ability to calm oneself

  • strengthening the quality of sleep

  • improvement of low mood and anxiety

  • improvement of relationships


In this module you will learn:

  • Trauma-informed care 

  • Tolerance window

  • Which signals in the young person can occur in the event of over- and under-activation

  • How we can help young people to regulate themselves, where you learn which techniques are used for over- and under-activation, i.e. whether one is in "high gear" or "low gear."

  • Which techniques can work for people with ADHD, anxiety and depression.

  • How to include the regulation techniques for larger groups (e.g. in the classroom).

  • The importance of being self-regulated when helping others

Who is the module suitable for?

The module is suitable for you who meet young people with a diagnosis in your everyday life, whether you are a teacher, educator, environmental therapist or health nurse. 

Practical info

Course instructors are Anette Haugnæss and Marianne Feydt.
You can read about their background under the tab "about us".


The certification course runs over two days

You get a manual with theory and yoga programs.

Price: NOK 4990

Course date: Coming in 2024

Where: Drammen

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