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Medisinsk Yoga Norge is concerned with quality, where we want what is offered through our educations to be supported by research, specialist literature and practice. That is why we have brought in professionals who are specialists in their field. We have a physiotherapist and a midwife on the team - both with a background as yoga teachers.

These resource persons contribute as sparring partners and as main teachers in some of the courses we offer. 

More people will come in here.


*insert picture of Anna - she with a doctor's coat and a poster in the background*

Anna Lejerstedt is our main teacher in the course "Medical Yoga for vestibular disorders."

She has more than 20 years' experience as a physiotherapist (Lund University, 2000) and has since 2007 worked as a specialist in vertigo. She is one of the first physiotherapists in Norway to specialize in this subject and over the years she has taught many other therapists.

Anna is also a qualified yoga instructor (2016), and uses her knowledge of, among other things, breathing techniques in relation to anxiety problems and sleep problems. Something that many with
Dizziness is also a problem.

You can read more about Anna and her services here:




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Kine Fossum is our main teacher in the course "Medical Yoga during pregnancy and childbirth."

She is a licensed midwife and yoga instructor. She has two children aged 17 and 19, it was during the birth of her son 19 years ago that she decided to become a midwife despite a large tear grade 3c. When the daughter was born two years later, the birth experience almost strengthened a calling to become a midwife. 


Before she became a midwife, she has extensive experience as a nurse with work in psychiatry, children's ward, neurosurgery and neurological department, emergency department, emergency room, examination examiner and supervisor for nursing students at USN, teacher at health and social studies VGS, palliative department and as a nutrition advisor. She also has interdisciplinary further education in pain management. 

You can read more about Kine and her services here: About Me | Fødehuset (

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