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April 2024

Medical Yoga Retreat

Welcome to peaceful days of yoga, meditation and good experiences in wonderful Egypt!

Join us on a journey to inner peace, more energy and well-being! We do medical yoga daily in beautiful surroundings both in the desert and by the sea. There we will fill up with good experiences, wonderful togetherness, silence, tranquility and well-being for body, mind and soul!

Take a break from everyday routines, to turn the focus inwards and find your own rhythm and flow. Going on a retreat is something more than a holiday. A retreat is arranged so that you can have more time for yourself, practice yoga, meditation, rest, silence, good food and experience supportive community. In the care you show yourself, you will have the opportunity to charge your batteries, fill up with good experiences and learn simple, good techniques that you take home with you for everyday life.


There will be daily morning yoga with a view of the sea, as well as extra yoga and meditation sessions most days. If the sea holds the right temperature, we will also do yoga in water, which is a fantastic experience. Friday is the full moon, and we invite you to a full moon meditation in the moonlight on the beach.

dayra camp.jpeg

Certification in Medical Yoga Sleep

In addition to the yoga, we will offer teaching with certification in Medical Yoga for Sleep. This is optional to participate in. The teaching intertwines knowledge from both recent physiology and yogic knowledge, and will be a mixture of theory and practical exercises. With a holistic and practical approach to health and well-being, we want to contribute to increased awareness of the body and health for a good quality of life, even long after the retreat is over! You can also benefit from this certification if you work with people, where it can act as a good guide to strengthen the quality of sleep in people who struggle with sleep.

Who can participate?

This yoga journey is open to those who have never done yoga before and those who have experience with yoga. We want to give you the experience of how Medical Yoga affects you on a deep level when you have the opportunity to practice yoga, meditation and breathing techniques several times a day in beautiful surroundings. Here you can enjoy vegetarian food, prepared with deep knowledge and love, relax by the sea and enjoy quiet days in beautiful surroundings.

What is Medical Yoga?

Medical Yoga is a calm and simple form of yoga that can suit the vast majority of people. It is a form of yoga based on the old yogic traditions, intertwined with newer knowledge. Breathing, calm movements, attention training, meditation and deep rest are interwoven into comprehensive and effective yoga programs.

What do we do at the retreat?

During the week you will have the opportunity to participate in yoga by the beach where we do yoga in the sunrise and full moon meditation by the sea. There will also be a day of boat trips (included in the price). All activities and gatherings are of course voluntary. In your spare time, it is possible to relax by the beach or retreat to one of the many beautiful places around the retreat.


During the week, you get to practice living a little more slowly, being mindfully present in your own body, being in silence, giving your body time to find balance, getting to know your energy, and awakening your flow and power. You will experience the power found in living a little more calmly, the value of sensing and, not least, you will experience how easy it can be to charge the batteries!

Daily rhythm and preliminary program for the week,
subject to adjustments

Arrival day April 2023

(date coming soon)

We gather at the hotel in Cairo and have dinner together (somewhat depending on arrival). We are then picked up at the hotel and driven out to a camp in the desert where we will spend a day to experience that atmosphere.

Provisional Program Monday - Tuesday

At the camp in the desert, we invite you to yoga, meditation, a meal around the fire and look at the stars. We sleep in tents at the camp. On Tuesday, we will be picked up in the desert and driven on to Dayra Camp, where we will be for the last few days (the Norwegian embassy in Egypt has just been on a retreat here and was very satisfied).

Provisional program Tuesday - Sunday

07.00-08.30 Morning yoga
08.30-10.00 Breakfast
10.00-13.00 Gathering time/teaching/excursion/own time
13.00-16.30 Lunch with siesta
16.30-18.30 Gathering/teaching/excursion/private time/Yoga
18.30-20.00 Dinner and rest
20.00-20.30 Evening meditation. Meeting time/excursion/private time will vary from day to day.

Thursday: Morning yoga followed by breakfast and a boat trip. Friday: Full moon meditation on the beach.

All gatherings, yoga sessions, meditations and excursions are optional. If you want your own time or just rest, you can do it. 

Departure Sunday (depending on flight time)

At 06.00-07.00 Short morning yoga at 07.00-09.00 Breakfast at 10.00. Departure.

All gatherings, yoga sessions, meditations and excursions are optional. If you want your own time or just rest, you can do it. 

ATTENTION! We only have access to the retreat from and until the dates and times stated here. If you arrive earlier or stay longer, you are responsible for your own accommodation and stay beyond the days the retreat is booked. If you want recommendations for accommodation nearby, let us know and we will help you with that.

We have set it up so that you, as a participant, can choose to arrive a day earlier to take part in the guided tour to the pyramids and two museums on Sunday. There will be a cost of approx. NOK 2,500-3,000 for an extra night at a hotel, guided tour, as well as lunch and dinner if you choose this additional option. 

Additional option for those who want to experience the pyramids and Cairo

Arrival day: We meet at the hotel and have dinner together. (We can agree in more detail when the flights are booked if we meet at the airport.)

Departure day: We travel together to the airport.


We are picked up at the hotel in Cairo and driven out to the camp in the desert. The next day we will be driven to Dayra Camp, where we will be for the rest of the week. On the day of departure, we will be driven to the airport.

Dayra Camp Ain Sokhna has a long sandy beach and a promenade. Feel free to check them out atInstagram orFacebook


We live in pairs and share a bathroom. If there is someone special you want to share a room with, you let us know by email when you book. You can stay in a room alone for an additional price of NOK 1,900.


The kitchen is vegetarian with a fantastic chef who knows vegetarian, vegan, microbiotic food and raw food. Alcohol and cigarettes (including e-cigarettes) are not permitted in the area. The food will be adapted to strengthen the body through yoga and meditation. If you have allergies or intolerances, they must be notified well in advance of arrival, so that they can decide whether they can meet your needs, and have time to adapt the menus.


  • Egypt is in the same time zone as Norway

  • In Egypt, the currency is the Egyptian pound

  • Do you like to walk; bring good shoes.

  • Swimsuit/bikini of course!

  • Bed linen and towels are provided.

  • You bring your own shower soap and shampoo.

  • You bring your own towel to use by the pool or when bathing on the beach.

Good to know and tips

NOK 15,990 (surcharge for single room NOK 1,900)

Registration fee: NOK 5,990 is paid a couple of weeks after you have signed up, to secure your place, and the remaining NOK 10,000 is paid no later than 10 weeks before departure (The invoices come via your e-mail. The registration fee is not refunded upon cancellation. Cancellations closer to the start of the course than 10 weeks can only be refunded if we find another participant who can take the place.

Included in the price:

  • 1 night at a hotel in Cairo

  • 1 night in a camp in the desert

  • 5 nights in Dayra camp Ain Sokhna

  • 3 vegetarian meals per day.

  • Accommodation in shared double room, two single beds.

  • Tea, coffee and fruit during the day.

  • Certification in Medical Yoga for sleep (value NOK 3990)

Not included in the price:
Travel to and from Egypt
Travel insurance


Practical information

Marianne Feydt

Marianne Feydt is a Medical Yoga therapist and teacher and works with this full-time. Among other things, Marianne is a Medical Yoga Yoga stress and burnout mentor, has specialization in Medical Yoga Yoga trauma and she has, among other things, developed Medical Yoga advanced courses such as sleep, water and Medical Yoga Young people and mental health. For many years she was part of the International MediYoga Team where she developed advanced courses/special courses such as Sleep, Hot water/therapy pool and Young people and mental health. She taught, among others, pedagogues, health personnel, teachers, therapists and other yoga teachers. Marianne is also a teacher in EMYoga (Energy Medicine Yoga), children and youth yoga teacher and Vinyasa yoga teacher. 

Marianne currently runs Medical Yoga Drammen and Medical Yoga Norway together with Anette Haugnæss, and has a background as a conversation therapist, couples and relationship therapist and conversation coach (senior practitioner level, affiliated with EMCC) at Humanova in Oslo. In addition, she has training in nutritional counseling and stress management. Marianne has over 30 years of experience in working with people.


By mail

Get in touch if you have any questions.
We look forward to a week with you!

Greetings from Marianne

Teacher on the journey

Teacher on the trip is Marianne Feydt. Together with the team at Medisinsk Yoga Norge, she has several exciting projects under development, and the collaboration in the team is characterized by creativity, joy and a burning passion for yoga and bringing simple tools for good days to our fellow human beings. Marianne has organized retreats in the past, and wants to bring all her experience and expertise to a wonderful yoga trip to Egypt for those of you who want  a whole week for personal refills.

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