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Medical Yoga Headache & dizziness

In this course module, you will learn how medical yoga, breathing and meditation can help improve everyday life for people with headaches and/or vertigo.


Medical yoga can be a very good form of preventive activity for headaches. Yoga aims to reduce stress and tension in the body. You learn an increased body awareness and presence that makes it easier to feel when you are actually tensing your muscles or otherwise creating tension in your body. With the help of breathing and relaxation techniques, you can reduce the stress level in the body, which can contribute both to less muscular tension and to better sleep.


Medical yoga can have several functions in vestibular disease (disease in the organ of balance). Both dizziness and vertigo create muscular tension patterns in the body. Medical yoga can be an important tool for finding stress reduction, loosening tense muscles, normalizing movement patterns and increasing awareness of how we use the body. Yoga can also be used as balance training and a careful approach to VRT (Vestibular rehabilitation) for this patient group.


Course leader is Physiotherapist Anna Lejerstedt.

Anna is a physiotherapist and specializes in vertigo and vestibular diseases (diseases in the balance organ). She sees patients who suffer from dizziness and headaches on a daily basis.

Anna herself has migraines and has also had vestibular neuritis (virus on the balance nerve) and BPPV (crystal sickness).


The module includes a compendium with, among other things, information on different types of headache diseases and vestibular disorders. The compendium also contains several different yoga programs that have been specially designed for people who suffer from headaches or dizziness. You also learn how to adapt yoga exercises so that participants can safely perform other yoga programs that you want to teach.






What do you learn on this module?​

You will learn yoga programs that have been specially developed for headaches, dizziness and unsteadiness. You will also learn to adapt exercises so that participants with vestibular disorders can safely participate in your regular yoga groups.

Who is this module suitable for?

The module is suitable for those who work with patients who suffer from headaches and/or dizziness. The module is also suitable for those of you who yourself suffer from headaches and/or dizziness and who want to acquire the knowledge to be able to practice yoga yourself at home.

Practical info

The course holder is Physiotherapist and specialist in vertigo Anna Lejerstedt.
You can read about her background under the tab "resource persons".


The certification course runs over two days

You get a manual with theory and yoga programs

Price: NOK 4990

Start-up: Date to come

Where: Oslo

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