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Medical Yoga Breathing

Breathing is the most important function for our health and affects how we feel. Yet very few people are aware of the breath, and few know the power of the breath. The breath and the nervous system influence each other, and is the best input to stimulate the vagus nerve. The breath can be a reminder to live at your own pace, in sync with your own present.

The breath is an effective tool for

  • to reduce stress reaction

  • stabilize heart rhythm

  • balance both the hormonal system and the nervous system


The breath is also the most important factor in controlling what happens inside

  • cell metabolism

  • increase blood circulation and optimize the body's ability to regenerate


By learning breathing techniques that lower the breathing rate and strengthen the breathing muscles, you gain control over the nervous system, circulatory system and recovery.






When we do something over a long period of time, it becomes a habit/unhabit. When we have "established" an incorrect breathing pattern over time, we run the risk that they will become permanent and can cause increased stress, lack of oxygen and lack of energy.



Breathing is perhaps the activity we think about the least, but which can mean the most to our mental and physical health. It's automated, and it goes by itself and we usually don't think about it. Breathing can affect sleep quality, energy levels, stress levels, emotions, combustion, the immune system and the skin. Stopping and becoming aware of your breathing is perhaps one of the most important health measures you can take.

Meditating at Home

What breathing can do for you:

  • Create inner calm and relaxation, provide clarity and patience. 

  • Increase the tolerance for loads

  • Stimulates chemical balance in the brain, regulates the PH level

  • Increases the flow of spinal bag to the brain.

  • Counteracts depression, uncertainty and fear.

  • Dissolves blockages and provides flow in the energy system.

  • Metabolism is improved

  • Digestive problems decrease

  • Muscle tension decreases 

  • Affects the pituitary gland

  • Better sleep quality

What you will learn on this course:

  • Knowledge of the respiratory system

  • The connection between breathing and health

  • Five principles for good breathing

  • The breath as medicine

  • The impact of breathing on various health challenges

  • Breathing techniques adapted to different needs

  • Breathing meditations

  • Breathing and trauma

Practical info

Course instructors are Anette Haugnæss and Marianne Feydt.
You can read about their background under the tab "about us".


The certification course runs over two days

You get a manual with theory and yoga programs

Price: NOK 4990

Start: 14 and 15 October 2023, at 10:00-16:00

Where: Drammen and online

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