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Medical Yoga

Medical Yoga is a neurobiological and body-based method. Together, the team at MYN offers peers, volunteers and health personnel, among others, certifications in specially adapted yoga modules for people with health challenges and life stresses. The modules are also suitable for prevention purposes. All the modules function as a supplement to traditional treatment, rehabilitation and prevention, and are therefore ideal within organisations, hospitals, institutions, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and organisations.

Are you a little curious about what Medical Yoga is and whether it might be something for you and your profession? 

Please contact us if you have any questions about whether this might be something for you and possibly which module/modules are most suitable. 

What is Medical Yoga?

The knowledge base in Medical Yoga consists of a holistic health perspective, which takes into account body and mind, both physically and mentally, with a focus on what promotes good health for the individual person (Salutogenesis). The yoga programs and techniques are rooted in research, neurobiology, psychology, physiology and yogic anthropology.


Medical Yoga is based on thousands of years of yoga tradition combined with recent research. The exercises in Medical Yoga are simple exercises that can be done in the most comfortable way; on a mat, a chair or in warm water. Calm body movements are combined with breathing, concentration exercises, relaxation and meditation.

I de modulbaserte utdanningene kan du skreddersy din egen utdanning slik at du på best mulig måte kan møte mennesker i forskjellige utfordringer samt ta vare på deg selv i prosessen. 

Vi er takknemlig for alt av innspill slik at vi sammen kan nå ut der det er behov.

Who is Medical Yoga suitable for?

Participants of all ages can benefit from Medical Yoga. What many have in common is that they want a form of yoga that is simple, that can provide better mobility and circulation in the body and more peace of mind - without it being too physically advanced. Many people find their way to Medical Yoga because they want to find calm and energy during or after a demanding period in their lives. Several have also been recommended this by a doctor, physiotherapist or psychologist to strengthen and balance the body's own resources. Medical Yoga can stand well on its own two feet as a comprehensive form of exercise that can suit everyone, and is also a bridge between yoga and healthcare for those who are at a period in their life with health challenges. 

What happens in a Medical Yoga class?

Medical Yoga is a peaceful form of yoga that can be used by everyone regardless of physical or mental limitations as everything can be arranged for. Medisinsk Yoga offers an inclusive arena where everyone should be able to participate. 

With Medical Yoga you train both body and mind, movement and rest, attention and presence. 


In a yogic perspective, we are energy beings in a physical body, where all ill health stems from a reduced flow of energy. The flow of energy is affected by experiences and events, and we all experience an imbalance in this flow during our lives. With simple movements combined with focus and breathing, with yoga we stimulate the flow of this energy, so that the body can adjust itself and come into better balance. The body has an ability to repair itself, and yoga is designed to support you to function as well as you can, with the body you have.

Holistic yoga cares for, stimulates and balances the whole of you, both body, mind, emotions and soul.


Did you know that we spend about 1/3 of our lives sleeping?

Many people struggle with sleep.

Although we spend large parts of our lives sleeping, many of us rarely think about the quality of our sleep. Do you sleep enough and what is the quality of your sleep?

Sleep has many good effects on the body. It strengthens the body's immune system, rebuilds tissues, helps to handle stress and think better, good for the brain and memory.

There are many simple and good things you can do to improve your own sleep quality. Research on yoga shows that many people sleep better when they practice yoga.

Medical Yoga has shown a good effect both in relation to stress, rehabilitation, treatment and as prevention. 


Medical Yoga can act as good support and as a supplement to other treatment by;

  • Stress and burnout

  • Training after injury/illness

  • Anxiety/depression

  • Joint/muscle complaints

  • Heart, lung/asthma/colic

  • ME

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Cancer 

  • A form of yoga developed for healthcare and rehabilitation but also for prevention.

  • Medical Yoga is integrative medicine in its essence, a holistic discipline that works harmoniously together with the usual health service.

  • The WHO encourages its member countries to focus more on this.

  • Medical Yoga focuses on imbalances and the body's own self-healing ability, the mental, as well as working to balance the energy system.

  • Can be used for rehabilitation, healthcare, companies, associations etc.

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