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Medical Yoga Young & Mental Health module 1

"How is it that children and young people have never had more knowledge about mental health, and yet they just get sicker and sicker? And how is it that children and young people have never received more confirmation, but are still so dissatisfied with themselves?"Quote Psychologist Line Warholm.

The Youth Data report for 2022 shows that most young people agree that their lives are good and that they have what they want in life. But of these, 19% do not feel useful in the last week and 20% experience a lack of mastery of things in the last week. So what's on the outside is pretty good, but what's on the inside is difficult. The feeling that everything is a chore is what bothers young people the most, and many struggle with sleep problems and a feeling of low mood and sadness, says Warholm.

In the last 10 years, there has been an increase in the sale of antidepressants for all age groups, and in recent years there has been an increase in the younger age groups throughout the country.

"The fact that everyone goes around psychologicalizing my generation doesn't make it any better. We have many battles to fight, more battles than many of you from other generations have had. But many of us need a little help.” Quote school student 16 years.

In 2018, course instructor Anette Haugnæss and health nurse Anita Kleven delivered the master's thesis "Life has a bit of a dump like that, but it's psychologically normal. Mental health in secondary school." One of the findings was that the young people lacked techniques to deal with all the restlessness they felt in their bodies. Today we also know that self-harm has increased in scope.​



We at Medisinsk Yoga Norge now offer this module where we want to create a platform for the exchange of reflections and with a focus on creating arenas where young people get an opportunity to learn how to face unrest, pondering and worry. Offering yoga classes for young people, for example in schools, requires a lot of knowledge, creativity and sensitivity. The programs we offer in this module have been tested through a pilot project in an 8th grade where 26 13-year-olds got to try yoga over 8 weeks. In the middle of this pilot project, we asked the students what wishes they had for the last four weeks, where one boy said; "I want us to continue with exactly the same, because now the exam is approaching soon."

Our programs invite laughter, togetherness and strengthening the ability to face life's ups and downs - one of the most important parts of being human.

Trist på sofaen

In module 1, you learn about how yoga can function as a support for the challenges that young people themselves raise:

  • Yoga program and techniques for sleep

  • Yoga program and techniques for headaches

  • Yoga program and techniques for managing bodily pain related to stress and screen use

  • First aid techniques in handling anxiety and depression

  • Methods for strengthening self-esteem

  • Knowledge of communication and relationships when dealing with young people

  • Knowledge of the adolescent brain

Who is this module suitable for?

This module is suitable for those of you who meet young people in your everyday life, either as a teacher, pedagogue, health nurse or environmental therapist. What you learn does not necessarily have to be presented as a full yoga program for young people, because you have the opportunity to extract parts of it as a tool in everyday life.

Practical info

Course instructors are Anette Haugnæss and Marianne Feydt.
You can read about their background under the tab "about us".


The certification course runs over two days

You get a manual with theory and yoga programs

Price: NOK 4990

Course date: 2 and 3 September 2023, at 10.00-16.00

Where: Drammen

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