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Karin Mæland


Karin Mæland is our main teacher in Yoga philosophy.

She is a doctor, writer and philosopher with a background in both Indian and Western philosophy. Karin started practicing yoga 20 years ago and has extensive experience as a yoga teacher. Karin has several years of studies from India in yoga, philosophy and the Sanskrit language, as well as a master's in philosophy from the University of Oslo. After she moved home from India, she started the Academy for Indian Philosophy with the intention of imparting a deep understanding of yoga and Indian philosophy. She has published the book Yoga philosophy for the heart, translated the philosophy text Patanjali's Yoga Sutra into Norwegian and published the album Spanda with Sanskrit chanting.


For Karin, it is important to integrate yoga practice and yoga philosophy because it experientially deepens the potential of yoga, both physically, mentally and spiritually. She is known for her ability to convey yoga through various forms of expression, such as philosophy, stories, yoga exercises, meditation and Sanskrit chanting.

Cathinka Devor


Cathinka Devor is our main teacher in Medical Yoga Women's Health, Medical Yoga Pregnant and maternity, as well as in Medical Yoga Understand your energy system.

Cathinka is a trained nurse at Oslo University College in 1998, a midwife at Bergen University College in 2003 and has a bachelor's degree in acupuncture from Christiania University College in 2017.

She has her yoga teacher training from 300 hours of YTT at Oslo Yoga (2019) and further training in pregnancy yoga, maternity yoga and menopause yoga.

Cathinka wants to be a bridge builder between eastern and western medicine.

She is passionate about helping women through the various phases of life such as puberty, pregnancy, maternity and menopause.

She currently works as a midwife in maternity care in the Østensjø district, and also teaches yoga for pregnant women and has workshops on yoga and menopause.

Anna Lejerstedt


Anna Lejerstedt is our main teacher in the course Medical Yoga for headaches and dizziness, as well as the module in Anatomy.

She has more than 20 years' experience as a physiotherapist (Lund University, 2000) and has since 2007 worked as a specialist in vertigo. She is one of the first physiotherapists in Norway to specialize in this subject and over the years she has taught many other therapists.

Anna offers her physiotherapy services at Samfunnshus Vest on Røa in Oslo and at Nordfalk ØNH.

Anna Kathrine Ljøgodt


Anna Kathrine graduated as a doctor at the University of Oslo in 1987 and has a master's degree in "Nutritional Medicine" from the University of Surrey in England. 
She has worked with diet and nutrition in clinical practice since 1991 and currently works at Dr Hexeberg's Clinic in Bærum. 

Anna Kathrine has practiced meditation for more than 30 years and yoga and dance for around 20 years.  She is a qualified Yoga teacher and therapist, yoga for stress and burnout and Yoga Nidra therapist. 

Anna Kathrine is concerned with the development of the mind and consciousness and the ability to  practice being present in the body by listening inwardly and feeling or sensing the body rather than just thinking about it.  This, and making yoga accessible to everyone, regardless of previous experience or functional level, is something she attaches great importance to in her yoga teaching. Anna Kathrine has been teaching yoga since 2017. 

Tiril Elstad


Tiril Elstad is our main anatomy teacher.

She has a medical diploma from the University of Oslo, and a master's degree from the University of St Andrews. Her dissertation focused on Global Health Security, using the SARS epidemic as a case study.

Tiril has over 10 years of experience in teaching yoga and has taught at a number of yoga studios, workshops and courses. She is certified by the It's Yoga 200 hr Yoga Alliance program.

Tiril has also carried out a research study together with neuroscientist Sandra Klonteig, where they investigated the effect of yoga on mental stress in 200 students. 

Tiril currently works at the Balderklinikken in Oslo.

China Fossum


Kine Fossum is our main teacher in the course Medical Yoga Pregnancy and maternity.

Before she became a midwife, she has extensive experience as a nurse with work in psychiatry, children's ward, neurosurgery and neurological department, emergency department, emergency room, examination examiner and supervisor for nursing students at USN, teacher at health and social studies VGS, palliative department and as a nutrition advisor. She also has interdisciplinary further education in pain management. 

Kine is currently helping to run Fødehuset.

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