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Medical Yoga  Self-care 

Being a healthcare professional/therapist is associated with special requirements and challenges. This involves working days where you are a helper in a meeting with people who are in pain. The role of therapist means that you get close to suffering. It turns out that to be in contact with

people with mental and/or physical difficulties can be a burden for the therapist. Complex cases, lack of recovery and sad fates can be thought to constitute a burden


Terms such as vicarious traumatisation, secondary traumatisation and care fatigue have been introduced since the 1990s to describe the burdens people in helping professions may experience as a result of their profession.

Even after these concepts were launched, within today's health and care professions there is still a one-sided focus on the work you have to do, and a particularly insufficient (or no) focus on what the job can do to you and how to prevent and deal with it the burdens associated with the work one performs.



There is a humility and a respect for the complexity involved in working with things that have to do with the human. In this module we take a closer look

how healthcare personnel/therapists best

possible can provide health care without it being at their own expense. 

The purpose of the module is to prevent and relieve stress. 

In this module you will learn about:

  • Stress psychology

  • Stress physiology

  • How to face brooding and worry

  • Programs in Medical Yoga

  • Techniques and exercises for use in everyday life

  • Attention training​

  • Prevention of burnout




The certification program is suitable for those who have taken the min. 2 modules with us and who want to learn how to work 1:1 in your practice.

For you as a yoga teacher, this certification program can contribute to how you can facilitate individual follow-up.

Contents of this module:

  • Ethics and values

  • The body's natural relaxation responses

  • Knowledge and techniques for self-care with yoga teachers, both before, during and after 1:1

  • Mapping tool

  • Teaching skills

  • Relational skills

  • Pedagogy

  • Trauma understanding

  • Techniques for "first aid" in everyday life

  • To develop skills to support the emotional responses of the participant

  • You get access to a group forum to exchange ideas and experiences with other yoga teachers

Practical info

Course instructors are Anette Haugnæss and Marianne Feydt.
You can read about their background under the tab "about us".


The certification course runs over two days, at 10:00-16:00

You get a manual with theory and yoga programs.

Price: NOK 4990


Where: Nedre Storgate 12, Drammen

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