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Marianne Feydt

My name is Marianne Feydt, and I run Medisinsk Yoga Norge together with Anette Haugnæss. I also run Medical Yoga Drammen where I hold groups in Medical Yoga, EMYoga (Energy Medicine Yoga), have Yoga therapy, Gong bath, conversation therapy, TFT therapy, TRE treatments, etc.

I hold various courses and workshops, Gongbad and run course development. 

I am a teacher and therapist in Medical Yoga, EMYoga teacher (Energy Medicine Yoga), Vinyasa yoga teacher, Children's and youth yoga teacher.


For several years I was part of the international MediYoga team where I developed in-depth courses such as yoga in warm water, yoga during sleep and yoga for young people and mental health. These courses were held for, among other things, other yoga teachers, doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, therapists and pedagogues.

I have further education in;

  • Yoga for trauma

  • Certified stress and burnout mentor

  • ​TFT therapist (Thought field therapy)

  • TRE Provider (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises)

I am also a qualified psychotherapist, couple and relationship therapist and conversation coach (senior practitioner level, affiliated with EMCC) at Humanova in Oslo. In addition, I have an education in nutritional counseling. In total, I have nearly 30 years of experience in working with people.

Anette Haugnæss

My name is Anette Haugnæss, and I am part of the team at Medisinsk Yoga Norge. In addition, I run Solid Veiledin AS where I offer process guidance for the health and upbringing sector and the refugee service. In addition, I hold professional days for health and school personnel, and offer yoga classes to order from associations and companies.


My experiences have grown over 20 years where I have interacted with young people exposed to complex trauma. This has contributed to useful experiences, both at management level, the colleague group, interdisciplinary cooperation and not least in the meetings with the young people and their network. The department I worked in was lucky enough to be guided by Heine Steinkopf at RVTS Sør, where several of us have contributed as informants in his doctoral work - which is certainly worth a closer look! 


I have specialist expertise in trauma-informed care, stress and techniques for self-care. Over the years, I have taken a bachelor's degree in child protection, a master's degree in clinical mental health work, further education in mindfulness at NTNU, and I am a certified stress counselor, thought virus instructor and bereavement group leader.

Of yoga educations, I have;​

  • Medical Yoga

  • Mindful Yoga

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Youth Yoga

  • BreathCoach

  • Trauma-sensitive Yoga for children

  • Trauma Adapted Yoga

  • THREE 

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